Project Description

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), as a public Technical University, is an institution focused in teaching and research activities in engineering and architecture. UPM is the largest technical university in Spain with around 40.000 students in engineering, architecture and sports. UPM is a research intensive university (200 research groups), with a large tradition of cooperation with the industrial sector and with a large innovation potential (around 200 spin-off companies created, more than 450 granted patents).
UPM participates in SCOTT through its Research Centre in Industrial Electronics (CEI-UPM) whose main research lines are on power management systems, embedded systems and radio-based electronics. In this case, CEI-UPM will be focused on Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting and Low Power Management Techniques, for railway use cases. The combination of expertise in power electronics and in HW/SW platforms for wireless sensor networks makes CEI-UPM a very well suited partner for SCOTT.