Project Description

INDRA is a global technology, consultancy, innovation and talent company, on the cutting edge of high value-added solutions and services and which operates in more than 149 countries and has more than 39,000 employees worldwide. INDRA was born as it is known today in 1993 as the result of the fusion of a range of public and private companies within the communications, electronics and computing sector. Currently, INDRA is the principal IT services multinational operating out of Spain and one of the leading IT companies in both Europe and Latin America. It is a key player in innovation and high added-value services in the fields of Energy and Industry, Financial Services, Telecom & Media, Public Sector & Healthcare, Transport & Traffic and Security & Defense.

INDRA has a strong commitment to innovation, as shows every year’s investment in innovation (between 6%-8% of revenue per year, more than €550m in the last three years) and the number of R&D initiatives and projects in which the company is involved (more than 270 R&D projects). INDRA has a long history of collaboration and forging alliances with technology leaders and knowledge institutions such as Universities, Research Centres and Support Agencies, and participates in relevant large scale research and innovation programmes like Joint Technology Initiatives Advisory Groups, Associations and Technology Platforms (SHIFT2RAIL, ARTEMIS, SESAR, ACARE, EOS, UNIFE, PTC-Spanish Road Platform etc.)

INDRA is member of the SHIFT2RAIL, the first European rail joint technology iniciative,and its heavely involved in IP2, IP4, IP5 and CCA, bringing its experience as a worldwide provider of IT solutions for Transport and Railway specific products, with specialized and recognized competences in system integration in multimodal transport environments. Indra has many years’ experience in the railway domain, specifically in areas closely aligned with the Innovation Programmes defined in the Shift2Rail initiative, notably in advanced traffic management and control systems and railway services related to IT solutions. Indra is present in a large number of countries in Europe, LATAM and MEA, having extensive knowledge of the requirements of passengers and infrastructure operators in global markets.