Project Description

University in Oslo is the largest University in Norway. UiO will be represented by the Institut for Informatics.
Institut for Informatics (IFI-UiO) was established in 1968 by Prof.Ole-Johan Dahl, who won Turing award in 2002 for co-inventing (with Kristen Nygaard) object orientation, now the most widespread style of programming. Various groups at UiO do research, among others, on security, programming languages, biomedical informatics, medical image analyses, DHIS2 and other large scale or distributed software systems.

University of Oslo has the general goal to enhance knowledge and industrial advances in Systems of Systems. UiO aims to apply novel and complex methods to IoT enabled systems in areas of SmartGrid, Smart House, eHealth and HomeCare, Public infrastructure and Transportation. UiO is actively working on methods to impact IoT enabled services for which we see in practice the cloud storage to be of major importance, especially for security and privacy aspects. The methods and framework that we propose would help develop such novel solutions with increased levels of security and privacy. Proving trustworthiness properties with quantitative metrics would allow for better and more informed decisions about the security and dependability aspects of the future systems.