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SCOTT Studencontest Winners

2022-03-30T06:45:47+00:00November 19th, 2020|

We proudly present the two Austrian winners of the #SCOTT International #Studentcontest on Wirelessly Connected IoT: Secure and Trustable – 2020 edition ▶️ 1️st prize and special recognition prize goes to Bernhard Großwindhager from NXP Semiconductors 2️nd prize goes to Hannah Brunner from Technische Universität Graz Yesterday they received their trophies, of course physical distance was kept. ? All organizers [...]

Trust in the Internet of Things – EU project SCOTT made it happen

2020-11-04T16:25:45+00:00November 2nd, 2020|

The pan-European project SCOTT (coordinated by VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH from Graz, Austria) united top international industry and research partners. It reinforced Europe’s leading position in the field of Smart and Connected Things and secured Europe’s independence in the area of security-enabling components and systems. After three years of fruitful scientific work, the €40-million research project [...]

Whitepaper on IoT&Cloud security

2020-09-16T13:23:03+00:00September 16th, 2020|

Making IoT secure is essential, but non-trivial. Have you ever wondered how to secure the communication of an IoT device with a cloud server with all the „hops" in between? Than this white paper might be a good read for you: Security Scan Methodology for Cloud Connected IoT Devices from Nokia Bell Labs and other partners [...]

One more week to apply in the International Student Contest on Wirelessly Connected IoT in 2020

2020-07-27T08:14:34+00:00Juli 27th, 2020|

Due to your inquiries and holiday period, the contest organizers have decided to extend the submission deadline by one week to  31 July 2020! We are interested in accomplished projects targeting domains like automotive, aeronautics, buildings, health, robotics, smart manufacturing, etc. that can be a part of the future secure and wirelessly connected world. Apply now! [...]

SCOTT project organizes IoT Student Contest – cool prizes and interships to win!

2020-07-27T08:13:26+00:00Juli 16th, 2020|

Tell us about your bachelor or master thesis, PhD dissertation or any kind of accomplished student project addressing security, safety, trust, and dependability in IoT and win up to 1300 € or more, and additionally get access to interesting internship/job offers. The contest finalists will have the opportunity to present their projects to representatives of leading [...]

SCOTT work published in IEEE Journal

2020-07-16T08:41:02+00:00Juni 6th, 2020|

SCOTT is proud to announce another high-rank publication: Georgi Nikolov and his co-authors from the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) published "ASR - Adaptive Similarity-Based Regressor for Uplink Data Rate Estimation in Mobile Networks" in the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications June 2020 special issue on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for [...]

International Student Contest – Secure and Trustable Wirelessly Connected IoT

2020-07-14T06:21:53+00:00Juni 4th, 2020|

Organized and sponsored by NXP Semiconductors Austria, AVL List GMBH, Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, University of Oslo, Politecknika Gdanska, Pomorskie Voivodeship (Poland), Interizon ICT Cluster, and AP/MTT/AES Joint Chapter,  IEEE Poland Submission deadline: 24.07.2020 (23:59 CEST) 1st PLACE 2nd PLACE 3rd PLACE Additional SPECIAL PRIZES for finalists 1300 € 1000 € 700 € 500 € each [...]

Low latency WSAN systems supported by Edge Computing

2020-07-16T08:56:50+00:00Mai 28th, 2020|

SCOTT partner TU Delft (TUD) has produced a little video explaining their work in WP24 for low latency WSAN systems: Connected vehicles need to react to imminent threats fast enough. Therefore, they leverage edge computing to perform the bare minimum analysis to detect threats that require immediate action. TUD developed a set of small robot cars [...]


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