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X-Burst explained in under 6 minutes!

2020-07-16T08:54:02+00:00April 16th, 2020|

SCOTT partner TUG just released a video on YouTube explaining the X-Burst technology in under 6 minutes - see X-Burst is the innovative new technology providing Cross-Technology Broadcast Communication between off-the-shelf Wi-Fi, BLE and ZigBee Devices. This video provides an introduction to the basic principles, and  shows a demonstrator proving that off-the-shelf Wi-Fi, BLE, and [...]

Good news: another SCOTT session at an important conference!

2020-07-16T08:48:24+00:00April 2nd, 2020|

We are happy to announce that the SCOTT special session ("SS1:Trustworthiness and Security Focused Wireless Industrial IoT Networks") we have suggested and organized is accepted and in the WFCS conference program. Due to the current global situation, the WFCS2020 will be held virtually on 27 - 29 April 2020, see The following papers will be [...]

SCOTT addressing Assisted Living and Community Care System

2020-07-16T08:45:57+00:00März 10th, 2020|

Given that the share of elderly people in Europe continues to increase there will be a growing need for smart and secure monitoring systems in order to provide high quality elderly care without increasing costs by an effective use of caregiver resources. The (WP21) Assisted Living and Community Care System provides an integrated solution for monitoring [...]

Whitepaper – Security Scan Methodology for Cloud Connected IoT Devices

2020-07-16T08:44:26+00:00März 9th, 2020|

Within the SCOTT project, the security researchers investigating specifically how to secure connected infrastructures have decided to write a general recommendation methodology for simple good practices. The document, so-called a "Security Scan", is meant to be used as a sort of checklist of basics to ensure that the most common entry points, attack vectors, and typical [...]

Award for SCOTT’s cross-technology communication demonstrator!

2020-03-06T08:53:38+00:00März 6th, 2020|

We are happy to congratulate the team of TU Graz for the best demonstration award at the 17th International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks held in Lyon (France) on February 17-19, where they showcased their work on "Cross-Technology Broadcast Communication between Off-The-Shelf Wi-Fi, BLE, and IEEE 802.15.4 Devices" carried out within SCOTT. Specifically, the [...]

SCOTT WP9 promo video – Inviting guests to facilities made simple

2020-03-06T08:51:51+00:00März 3rd, 2020|

A promo video presents concepts that Vemco is working on in the SCOTT’s WP9: Secure Connected Facilities Management. Among these are using a smartphone as an access card and making a process of inviting guests possibly simple by reducing cumbersome formalities. Some of the presented functionalities are or will be demonstrated in other videos on the [...]

SCOTT approach to indoor localization presented to the biggest translational medicine centre in northern Poland

2020-03-06T08:50:41+00:00Februar 21st, 2020|

Indoor localization system developed by GUT within SCOTT project was presented on 21st of February during the annual meeting of specialists working in the area of translational medicine in Gdansk. Over 150 specialists from different fields of medicine, biology, biotechnology, pharmacy and chemistry, that work together in the biggest translational medicine centre in northern Poland, discussed [...]


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