Project Description

Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa JMA S. Coop. (Mondragon University’s Faculty of Engineering) is a cooperative integrated in Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, which is a business group, made of more than 250 companies and entities. The Faculty of Engineering has as relevant role in the corporation as research partner of the companies in the group. The Embedded System Research group has participated in several Artemis projects, such as eDIANA, p/nSAFECER, p/nSHIELD, CRAFTERS, ARROWHEAD and DEWI.

Mondragon University has a socially-orientated initiative and vocation, and was declared a non-profit University of common public interest. Since its creation, it has been committed to the high quality of the education and practical orientation of its courses. At Mondragon University we give great importance to the all-round education of our students. Through our association with MONDRAGON Corporation, we are able to maintain close ties with the business world, enabling our students to have contact with the real working world right from the start of their studies. At present, the University has around 3100 students and offers a total of 22 degree courses. On the other hand, the range of postgraduate courses includes 15 Master’s and 8 university specialization courses. The following courses could directly benefit from SCOTT results:

Master Degrees:
• Master in Embedded Systems
• Master in Energy and Power Electronics

Undergraduate studies:
• Industrial Electronics Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Telecommunications Systems Engineering
• Energy Engineering
• Biomedical Engineering