SCOTT UC19 (Smart Train Composition Coupling) aims to develop and test in a real environment a solution focused on the management and control of multiple compositions via remote control from only one of them. It means to implement effectively secure and safe wireless technology for the communications between trains.

The currently coupling system available at the railway industry is based on a mechanical and physical joint between two or more compositions. One of the problem of this system is the needs of works for creating the physical composition (slow manoeuvres in depots and shunting yards). The second problem of this system is the limitation for traction long and heavy compositions, with one or several locomotives.

The virtual coupling developed in the UC19 ensures a safety manoeuvre avoiding the physical connection, as well as reduce the traction needs for long and heavy compositions. The solution also enables the communication between the trains (V2V communications), allowing them to automatically accelerate and brake together as well as manage them to follow each other at a closer distance. This means an improvement in the line capacity, which nowadays is limited, as a result on the reduction of the distance between compositions.

During the second year of the SCOTT project, the V2V communications have been tested in a real environment at INDRA installations achieving successful results. Moreover, the solution obtained from the UC19 will be tested in a real scenario in Germany.

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