SCOTT UC18 (Autonomous Wireless Network for Rail Logistics and Maintenance) aims to develop and test in a real environment an autonomous wireless network on the railways tracks as well as on the trains, to increase the efficiency on the management due to the cargo and rolling stock monitoring for Logistics and Maintenance purposes.

Nowadays, in the railway domain, the means for managing infrastructure and the rolling stock is expensive to install and maintain. It requires long wired installations, which increase costs. Furthermore, these systems are based on human supervision, including procedures as the wagon identification, the confirmation of the composition or the maintenance needs for infrastructure devices.

To minimize the need of an operator and increase the security and safety in the railway domain, the UC18 implement and demonstrate wireless sensor networks along the tracks and on the trains, including the required communication systems, to establish a wireless connection between the sensors and the cloud platform (V2X communications).

The system also incorporates sensors for monitoring transported cargo and other information about the wagon content. This allows the logistics companies to perform tracking of the cargo through the end-user application.

During the second year of the SCOTT project, the V2V communications have been tested in a real environment at INDRA installations, achieving successful results. Moreover, the solution obtained from the UC18 will be tested in a real scenario in Germany.

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