The main objective of this work package is to specify, integrate, demonstrate and evaluate systems providing vehicular connectivity and secure cloud services for four novel connected mobility applications. It aims to follow a process including several elements which are necessary for novel connected mobility applications and demonstrates them along four different application scenarios.

The detailed objectives of this work package can be defined as follows:

  • Develop a secure and privacy -aware gateway device for in-vehicle use

  • Provide wireless connectivity between vehicles and environments (infrastructure, cellular networks, …)

  • Concept and architecture for secure data retrieval, provisioning and transfer interface, obeying security  and privacy settings

  • Development of a user-friendly system to configure privacy and security rules for owner and stakeholders

  • Develop a cloud solution for connected vehicles, based on a secure IoT cloud infrastructure for multiple services

  • Develop and demonstrate an automotive remote diagnostics and update system with secure device interfaces

  • Develop and demonstrate a solution for cooperating connected vehicles

  • Develop and demonstrate third-party cloud services for quantified connected passenger vehicles and providing an outlook for a digital ecosystem on mobile applications for passenger cars