Project Description

Tellu develops and delivers services and software within the IoT field. Tellu was founded in 2006 as a spinoff from Ericsson Research in Norway and today has 8 employees. Tellu has developed its own technology platform for data gathering, processing and presentation, TelluCloud, which we provide as a cloud service. As a small technology company, we do not target end users directly, but provide our platform to service providers and work with partners to develop services for their market. We have primarily worked in the domains of assisted living, e-health and personnel safety. Tellu is delivering services for the communal and home care market in Norway. We are also serving a Dutch security service provider, and we are collaborating with a Chinese company to deliver services in the Chinese market. We have contributed to numerous national and international R&D projects, and is currently involved in two FP7 EU projects within the fields of distributed computing and assisted living.