Project Description

Technische Universität Graz (TUG) participates with its Institute for Technical Informatics (ITI). The institute, headed by Prof. Kay Römer since 2013, is one of the leading places for research on networked embedded sensing systems in Europe. Currently about 20 full-time PhD students, two full professors, one associate professor, two assistant professors, and two postdoc researchers are employed at the Institute.
The research focus is on Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems, specifically computer and application architectures for “Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems“, i.e., on specialized computer and software architectures which are designed to integrate performance, dependability, and modularity. In this context, the research activities at the Institute are organized into the following areas: Networked Embedded Systems, Hardware/Software-Codesign, Industrial Informatics, Smart Services, and Embedded Automotive Systems. Especially the area “Networked Embedded Systems” is of highest relevance for the proposed project.

Cyber-Physical Systems have been a major research topic at the Institute for Technical Informatics for several years. The research focus in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems / Internet of Things is on wireless sensor networks, energy-awareness of computing nodes, energy harvesting, multi-hop routing protocols and dependability, among others. Specifically, the EU RELYonIT project focusing on a dependable Internet of Things in the FIRE context and the TU Graz LEAD Project “Dependable Internet of Things”, both coordinated by the Institute of Technical Informatics, exemplify the leading academic role of the Institute in this area.

The institute has coordinated a number of other EU projects (e.g., AQUA, SafEUr), FFG/FWF funded projects (e.g., GeoWSN, Model-based Embedded Control Software, HiPerSec, LOW-SOM), and bilateral research projects with companies such as AVL, Magna, Andritz AG, NXP, Infineon.
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