Project Description

RISE SICS AB, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, is a non-profit research organization. SICS‘ mission is to contribute to the competitive strength of Swedish industry by conducting advanced and focused research in strategic areas of computer science, and actively promoting the use of new research ideas and results in industry and society at large. SICS works in close collaboration with industry and is an active participant in collaborative national, European and other international R&D programs. SICS has a proven record of disseminating and promoting industrial deployment of its research findings, including establishing spin-off companies and licensing of its software and patents. In 2015 SICS had a turn-over of 174 MSEK and a research staff of 144, of which 83 PhDs. SICS is a part of Swedish ICT Research, which in turn is part of RISE, Research Institutes in Sweden.

SICS’ Software and Systems Engineering Laboratory, headed by Prof. Jakob Axelsson, has as research theme „successful development of software-based systems for the digital society“. The focus is on providing relevant solutions for software and systems development in a society that becomes increasingly connected and automated, and frequently updated through continuous deployment. Special attention is given to large-scale cyber-physical systems, where traditional embedded systems are evolving into systems-of-systems through connectivity, using technologies from the Internet of Things. The lab has 12 members of which 8 Ph.Ds and 1 professor. Areas of research activity and expertise include process evolution, agile and lean development, software and systems architecture, software ecosystems, system qualities and non-functional properties.