Project Description

FEV is an independent internationally recognized company in the design and development of powertrains, power units and burners as well as a manufacturer of prototypes and instrumentation systems. FEV is certified at DIN ISO 9001 in research and development, manufacturing, sale and service – TÜV cert (Certificate registration N° 01 100 0000 10). FEV was founded in 1978 and has now over 4000 employees at different facilities worldwide. A large number of them are upgrade engineers (PhD and Diploma engineers).

As a supplier FEV conducts the powertrain and power unit development projects from the initial concept phase through production release under direct implementation of the latest scientific discoveries. The customer base counts about all OEM’s worldwide, many Tier1 suppliers, mineral oil industry, new energy, and private as well as public agencies and institutions. FEV has extensive experience in designing and developing new power systems as well as in the modification of existing designs. Our capabilities and experiences extend to power system packaging and powertrain systems integration, including the control of integrated powertrain functions, certification, calibration and homologation. FEV develops and uses mathematical models for the analysis of mechanical stress and noise and acoustic, combustion and flow processes, thermal management and medium flow management and for catalysis processes. Moreover, FEV has gained significant experience in electrification of vehicles from HEV’s over range extender vehicles up to full battery electric vehicles, battery management, energy management, and model based controls for all kinds of automotive systems. FEV has collaborated with many partners from industry and academia on V2X communication and cyber security. Being partner in AUTOSAR keeps FEV involved in the latest progress of control and embedded software standards.

FEV participates in the “European Green Vehicle Initiative”, the Public Private Partnership conceived by the European Commission in 2009 to focus public and private research on issues of direct and significant relevance to the Europe with regard to the competitiveness of industry and employment. Within this context, FEV is also actively involved in the European Technology Platform ERTRAC (road transport) and European Research Platform EARPA (in which FEV is a founding member).