SCOTT F2F Meeting, Gdansk, Poland

2019-06-12T09:19:14+00:00Juni 12th, 2019|

SCOTT partners met in wonderful Gdansk Poland and had a successful and great time! Nearly 90 representatives took advantage of this fruitful live meeting by clarifying as many topics as possible. Throughout the event, the beneficiaries were updated on the current “status quo” and worked intensely on their joint vision of the SCOTT project. Several topic-specific [...]

ETFA 2019: Workshop on Secure and Trustable Wirelessly Connected IoT – Submit your publication

2019-03-25T12:00:55+00:00März 25th, 2019|

We proudly announce that SCOTT project has its own Workshop @ the EFFA 2019: “Workshop on Secure and Trustable Wirelessly Connected Industrial IoT”. Find more information here: The workshop will take place on September 10th as part of ETFA 2019 in Zaragoza, Spain. In the workshop recent advances in secure and trustable wirelessly connected IoT [...]

SCOTT F2F Meeting @Cork

2018-10-22T09:22:32+00:00Oktober 22nd, 2018|

The SCOTT consortium had a very productive face-to-face meeting in wonderful Cork, Ireland. Besides giving each work package team the chance for in-depths discussions, many great sessions focused on topics like SCOTT's Trust Assessment Framework, Reference Architecture, Technology lines, and presentation of current publications. Workshops provided a deep insight into e.g., how to do analyze privacy [...]

What’s the best way to join forces?

2018-09-03T14:18:04+00:00August 7th, 2018|

SCOTT will create a convincing privacy assessment through privacy labelling, and answer the IoT need for a new and more advanced security paradigm through security classes. Just recently the EC mentioned those needs: as reported on Heise (; in German), "the European Commission wants measures for cybersecurity to be regulated at European level in future. Among [...]

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